Assessment Process

All applications to the AADRF Dementia Grants Program undergo a rigorous peer-review process overseen by members of the Scientific Panel.

The assessment process for all grant types involves the following stages:

    1.   Eligibility Check

AADRF staff check all applications after the application closing date to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria and conditions of award. Applicants may be contacted by AADRF staff to confirm details (for example, if required documentation has not been included), however it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria and conditions of award prior to submitting an application, and that documentation supporting their eligibility is included as required with the application. This includes proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residency for both Australian applicants and applicants from other countries. AADRF reserves the right to rule out of contention any application that does not include proof of eligibility without further assessment. 

    2.   Initial Screening of applications

AADRF staff and members of the Scientific Panel screen all eligible applications to identify those which are highly unlikely to receive an award due to weakness in one or more of the assessment criteria, or due to feasibility or other issues. Applications that are ranked in the bottom half of applications for a particular type of award by at least two members of the Scientific Panel are removed from the application process.

    3.   External review 

Remaining applications are sent to expert external reviewers for rating against the assessment criteria. Applicants are invited to nominate external reviewers if desired on the application form, but the decision on external reviewers is made by the Scientific Panel.

    4.   Final review and ranking by members of the Scientific Panel

Members of the Scientific Panel consider and rank all remaining applications for each category of award in light of ratings from external reviewers. Awards are allocated to applicants in order of ranking within each category, and according to their eligibility for particular awards. Consideration is also made to supporting approximately equal numbers of applicants in biomedical and psychosocial research fields, where possible. Applicants who are considered fundable but are not allocated one of the available awards are placed on a reserve list, and may be offered an award in the case that higher-ranked applicants turn awards down.



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