Many Miles for Mary 2017 west coast run begins

Major AADRF fundraiser Jamie Milne, has now begun his very ambitious 1800km run on the west coast of Australia to raise much needed funds and awareness for dementia research.

Jamie’s fundraiser titled ‘Many Miles for Mary’, is a nine-year-running tribute to his grandmother Mary who passed away in 1990 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

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John O’Brien ditches his razor for dementia research

In 2016 John O’Brien made a personal vow to not cut or shave his hair and beard for 1000 days and to donate $10 to the AADRF every day he kept this vow. He is now halfway through his challenge and has raised over $5000 from his own and others contributions.

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Join Jen in the fight against dementia and get active in May

After watching two generations of her family receive dementia diagnoses, Jennifer Chastre decided to take action to reduce her own risk of the same future.

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One woman, her trolley and a 4,500km walk home

Sue Wellington is a woman on a mission - a mission to walk nearly 4,500 kilometres, across three Australian states in a timeframe of six months.

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Plants Management Australia raises $50,000 toward dementia research

In 2012 dianthus specialists, Whetman Pinks UK, created a scented flowering plant - Dianthus ‘Memories’ – purpose bred to raise funds for dementia research. In 2013 the plant made its way to Australian plant nurseries and in a collaboration between Plants Management Australia (PMA) and Alzheimer’s Australia $50,000 has now been raised toward dementia research from the plant sales.

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The man swimming 42km across the ocean for dementia research

Picture yourself in the middle of the ocean, equipped with only goggles and a pair of speedos, with four to six metre waves swelling around you, the possibility of sharks and jellyfish underneath you and a 42 kilometre swim through night and day between you and your destination.

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The Running Cam - going the distance for dementia research

Running for his mother but also for a cure, Cameron Jones AKA ‘The Running Cam’ has run close to 2000 kilometres and raised over $23,000 for the AADRF.

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Many Miles for Mary East Coast Run 2016

Many Miles for Mary Logo

In September 2016 Jamie Milne will raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation by embarking on his most challenging run yet. Jamie will run 2,100kms, from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast in 18 days in a bid to raise $20,000 for the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation.

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A huge thank you to Molly’s Song

After over seven years of raising funds for the Dementia Australia Research Foundation (AADRF) under the banner of Molly's Song, Libby Day is taking a much needed “fundraising sabbatical” and is making the move from the Sunshine Coast to Victoria to be closer to family.

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Forever Diamond

Fundraiser Libby King will be holding a fundraising event at the Karralyka Centre, Ringwood East on Friday 29 April 2016. The evening will include a cocktail party, silent auction and raffles as well as attendance at the Forever Diamond tribute concert by performer Peter Byrne.

Funds raised from the event will support the Dementia Australia Research Foundation.

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